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  1. praxtonio

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    13 de Septiembre de 2016
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    Aprovecho para abrir aqui un hilo sobre el Raceroom, ire dejando enlaces cuando aparezcan los descuentos o promociones que vayan poniendo la gente de Sector3.
    Para empezar y ya que estan de moda ultimamente los GT3, han puesto en oferta el Pack de los GTR3 (GT3) a un precio muy asequible para el contenido de coches y pinturillas que trae: http://game.raceroom.com/store/pack/gtr-3

    En mi opinion es un Pack IM PRES CIN DI BLE.

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  2. Ian Navarro

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    26 de Julio de 2016
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    Muy buena iniciativa prax, yo espero poder pillarme el pack pronto
  3. praxtonio

    praxtonio Piloto Oficial Licencia C Sub 7' Club

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    13 de Septiembre de 2016
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    Han puesto de oferta TODOS los circuitos estan al 50% de su precio, creo que dura hasta el 4/1/2018 asi que es una muy buena oportunidad para pillarse los os falten, son precios irrisorios algunos.
  4. mertalium

    mertalium Rookie

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Yo lo tengo y suelo darle bastante a las competiciones de vuelta rapida y es un gustazo,me chifla
    Y ahora han metido una actualizacion enorme,estan dando un puñetazo gordo en la mesa
    Estos nunca paran,es como rFactor2,cada mes hay nuevas cosicas
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  5. mertalium

    mertalium Rookie

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Este finde esta Raceroom para probarlo todo durante el finde,por si a alguien no lo probo como esta ahora
  6. mertalium

    mertalium Rookie

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Voy a ir poniendo las actualizaciones y novedades que vaya viendo en el foro oficial(eso si en ingles,por que el traductor google la lia mucho)ya que veo que algunos le vais dando,que tampoco me cuesta nada el copi paste :D y lo mismo se le va dando vidilla
  7. mertalium

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Empezamos con el Ranked,que ya hay servidores de ranking y pagina donde ver puestos

    Since our december update, you may have stumbled upon Multiplayer sessions called "[RR] #** RANKED" in the lobby and wondered what that was about.

    It has been stated in the past that we're working on bringing a fully fledged online career element to RaceRoom through scheduled and ranked multiplayer series, featuring splits based on pace. We are working towards that goal and a first step was to bring an early taste through ranked racing that's clearly advertised as such, but also exposing the rating to everyone.

    The rating, your reputation and your full racing history will eventually be displayed in the new menus (work in progress) but until that's done, we have a page you can bookmark. As I write these lines, it is still a simple list of the top 1,000 players but we are going to update it with more tools and a full list of all players. Stay tuned for that.

    Ranking list (updated every 15 minutes)

    How to participate?
    - Race in any of the [RR] RANKED servers available in the lobby and see your rating and reputation scores evolve.

    What do you need?
    - Bring your best behavior: as all your actions on these sessions are monitored and linked to your game profile's Reputation score.
    - Intentional wrecking will result in a ban from ranked servers or a full game ban for the worst offenders.
    - Many tracks are on rotation for each server.
    - Upon joining a ranked session, you will see a Message box confirming this is a ranked session. You can dismiss that message by pressing the Brakes or just leaving the pitlane.

    How does it work?
    The rating and reputation scores are only calculated from events occuring on servers called "[RR] #* RANKED". You will find them in the list of multiplayer servers inside RaceRoom.

    Our formula is based on an ELO rating system with many refinements to accurately rate racing events. Each player starts at 1,500 and can then go up or down depending on results. We take into consideration several variables to compute the rating of each driver who took part in a race. The more races you do, the more accurate the rating will become.

    The reputation score reflects the behavior of each player on track. The more incidents you get during races, the lower your reputation. The reputation starts at 50 and will slowly rise (or drop) as more races are recorded until reaching a stable and accurate value.
  8. mertalium

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Updated de febrero

    This update is mostly about maintenance and fixing issues reported since the December 2019 update. You will find all the changes below.

    Update details:
    Download size = 1.9 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 4639903
    Dedicated server version = 57.0.1077
    Dedicated server BuildID = 4640022

    • Dedicated server now offers the possibility to set an incident point limit. Any player going above that defined amount will get instantly disqualified.
    • Dedicated server manager page now shows the points accumulated by each player in real time, rather than the amount of incident events involving that player.
    • Reputation - Improved detection of Non Starter participants on long tracks such as the Nordschleife.
    • Reputation - Car to car collisions are now worth 4 points. Losing Control of the vehicle is now worth 2 points.
    • Flat Spots - Reduced further tyre wear on flat spots, which makes them vanish quicker with tyre wear.
    • Flat Spots - Fixed some bad framerate when locking a tyre on a flat spot while in gravel or grass.
    • Suspension damage - Fixed some cases where a car with suspension damage could sometimes be seen shot into the air.
    • Car Setup - Fixed Setup rules are now properly affecting the car setup menu.
    • Car Setup - Changed so 4WD cars differential changes affect the rear differential instead of the front.
    • Fixed shift sounds playing twice in replays.
    • Fixed an issue where HUD elements would show in replays if the client was started with -broadcastUrl=http://**
    • Fixed some sorting / timing issues in client's position bar
    • Fixed a case where entering the pitlane could sometimes result in the lap being invalidated
    • Fixed rolling start qualifying where the car, under AI control, would try and dodge other players around the spawn location, even though they're invisible.
    • Fixed wrong values fed to Spectator overlays for live gaps between cars.
    • Fixed smoke not rendering from Aerial TV cameras.
    • Fixed an old Helpdesk URL that the client was attempting to load after throwing an error. It's now changed to point to the Sector3 Studios forums.

    Content updates:
    • Bosh DDU4 - (data display seen in cars such as the Tatuus F4) - Fixed the Oil and Water temperatures that were swapped.
    • Aquila - Physics updates
    • Audi RS TT VLN - Physics updates
    • All Manual Gearbox cars - Reduced dogbox RPM to encourage more lifting when changing gears.
    • BMW M1 - Updated cockpit art
    • DTM (all years) - Reduced default FFB multipliers
    • Formula RaceRoom 90 - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Group 4 and Procar classes - Increased tyre heating and reduced default tyre pressures accordingly
    • GTR3 Car Class - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • GTR3 Class BOP - Improved BOP of the older generation of GT3's. Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) +20 Kg ; Mercedes AMG GT3 +15 Kg
    • GTR4 Class BOP - Adjustments
    • Hyundai I30 TCR - Reduced rear ride height and its adjustment range
    • Lotus Evora GT4 - Tweaks to pit limiter timings as well as engine orientation
    • Nissan GTR R32 - New sounds, updates to cockpit art.
    • Porsche Cayman (all types) - Adjustments to car physics
    • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - The current model has now been modified to Endurance specs. The car now has Traction Control as well as more car setup adjustments allowed. The Cup specs will now be only available in upcoming Porsche Carrera Cup classes.
    • RUF CTR3 + RT12R GT2 and GT3 - Fixed a bad collision box
    • Silhouette Class - Physics updates
    • WTCC 2015/2016 - Fixed Chevrolet Cruze not having adjustable Tyre Pressure
    • Mount Panorama (Bathurst) - Tweaks to pitlane ambient sounds
    • Ningbo - Flipped the starting grid so the pole position starts on the right side, on the trajectory.
    • Nuerburgring GP Fast Chicane - Fixed rolling starts that could sometimes be bad for AI.
    • Portimao (all layouts) - Moved the spawn location used in Time Attack and rolling start qualifying.
    • Silverstone - Fixed AI running wide in turn 1 after a rolling start on GP and International layouts.
    • Zhuhai - Improved performance
    • Zolder - AI control in pitlane should no longer result in hitting a guardrail


    In this update, we had to heavily modify the looks of some fantasy liveries that had Red Bull sponsoring since their original release. The Red Bull brand guidelines now enforce the brand to only be used as replica's of existing cars and liveries, never on fantasy cars. As some of the liveries were sold, we will be looking into refunding the 29 vRP's to your in-game wallets in the coming days.

    The liveries affected are:
    - Formula Raceroom 2 #1
    - Formula Raceroom 2 #2
    - Formula Raceroom 3 #2
    - Formula RaceRoom Junior #18
    - Pagani Zonda R #73
    - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup #11
    - RaceRoom Canhard R51 #15
  9. mertalium

    mertalium Rookie

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Nueva actualización y circuito nuevo Zhejiang en pleno coronavirus
    Update details:
    Download size = 312 MB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 4695656
    Dedicated server version = 58.0.1083
    Dedicated server BuildID = 4695721

    New Content: Zhejiang International Circuit

    • Reputation - Incident points cooldown has been increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds to limit escalation after being pushed out of the track.
    • Reputation - Player now receives one incident point for invalidating a lap.
    • Reputation - Just after a 4 seconds cooldown, we are now ignoring further incidents for track object collisions, going off-track and losing control until the car has rejoined the track.
    • Option - The headrests of the cockpit seat were reportedly annoying for VR users as the camera was clipping through, so we added an option to toggle the rendering of the driver seat.
    • Controllers - Added a profile for the Xbox gamebad when connected through bluetooth
    • Controllers - Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels - Tweaked force exponent, max output and front wheel grip exponents to increase FFB feel in subtle effects
    • Fixed controller profiles for Bodnar cable and Fanatec CSW 2.5 to prevent some detection issues.
    • Fixed controller profile for the Thrustmaster T500 that was missing lines for Flatspot effects
    • Fixed Car Setup menu that wasn't hiding the differential settings for cars that do not allow changing them.
    • Fixed Car Setup menu not saving the differential setting for frontwheel driven cars
    • Fixed puffs of smoke and brake marks left by players with high latency
    • Fixed blinking of high latency opponent cars in multiplayer. It will now only cease to render the car if the opponent's latency is consistently above 1 second.
    • Fixed AI control in pitlane that could sometimes accelerate the car above the pitlane speed limit.
    • Fixed free flight camera that wouldn't work under certain conditions in the race monitor.

    Content updates:
    • Smoothed revlimiter and pit speed limiters logics for a selection of cars that were problematic.
    • Red Bull liveries that were urgently replaced last update now have an updated image in menu and website.
    • Audi TT cup - AI tuning
    • Audi TT VLN - Added more gear ratio options
    • BMW M3 GT2 - Fixed the rear camber that was asymmetrical in default setup
    • BMW M6 GT3 - Fixed two esport liveries that had swapped renders in menu.
    • Canhard R52 - Fixed Launch Control that was wrongly available for this car
    • GT4 cars - AI tuning
    • KTM GT4 - Tweaks to damage, tweaked its clutch for better standing starts
    • Porsche 934 RSR - Added more gear ratio options
    • WTCC Chevrolet Cruze - Fixed a wrong tyre file
    • WTCC 15/16/17 - Updated suspension to improve toe control
    • Imola - Modified cut corridors a bit to try and get rid of a wrong cut detection on the start/finish área.
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  10. mertalium

    mertalium Rookie

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Nueva actualizacion de abril
    Update details:
    Download size = 4.1 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 4873057
    Dedicated server version = 60.0.1114
    Dedicated server BuildID = 4873274

    • Ranked Multiplayer - Added an option to set minimum requirements in rating and safety for a player to be allowed in a ranked session. Added a filter for this to the MP lobby list menu.
    • Dedicated server - Added controls to Export and Import settings (if the host IP changes, the settings are still being lost, but at least you can now recover the settings in a couple clicks by importing a backup)
    • HUD - Moved the huge Disqualification notifications to the "butterHUD™" system (the smaller left side notifications)
    • Controllers - Reduced Minimum force for all Logitech wheels, and added a 10% slip effect
    • Controllers - Added default profile for Simagic wheelbase
    • Controllers - First iteration of support for Simucube - Added communication of in-game selected wheelrange to the simucube driver. Added “safe” default profiles for the 3 variants of Simucube 2 wheelbases. We still have to fix some forces not being stopped upon pressing ESC and sawtooth effects, which we will do together with the hardware manufacturer.
    • Controllers - Updated default FFB profiles for Fanatec CSL and CSR
    • Various improvements to simulating Electric powered cars for player and AI, pitstops, etc.
    • AI - Improvements to their handling of traffic in multiclass racing
    • AI - Improvements to their decision making in going for a defensive line while being followed
    • Fixed a bug where a multiplayer server in a closed qualifying session would still be displayed as “joinable” in the multiplayer list.
    • Fixed a bug where gearshift backfires would not make sounds in replays. Improved logic of the sound triggers in both replays and multiplayer.
    • Fixed a case where AI could be caught not shifting up when it thought it had too low grip on the powered wheels.
    • Fixed a bug where pitstop sounds wouldn't work in replays.
    • Fixed an issue where the ideal raceline would feature oddly positioned brake warnings.
    • Fixed an issue where watching an instant replay that featured a pitstop would result in receiving fresh tyres a second time after coming back to gameplay.
    • Fixed an issue with some in-game web links that would wrongly open in a Steam overlay whenever -webdev startup argument was being used.
    • Tweak to AI's understanding of gravity and forces to improve their behavior on slopes and banked corners.
    • Further tweaks hoping to catch some remaining timing discrepancies when spectating MP races
    • Backed out an older fix for driver names being offset above opponent cars when playing with a low FOV as it had introduced an arguably more annoying intense vibration of the driver names when close to player. Let’s live with an offset for now while we wait for a better fix.

    Content updates:
    • All cars - Adjustments to behavior of the tyres once they've been covered in dirt, grass, gravel. As a consequence of those changes, the sounds for pebbles hitting the car are going to feel a bit fainter.
    • All cars - Modifications to upshifts and downshifts engine revs. Gearshifts are now more brutal™. Older cars from 70’s / 80’s / 90’s also received specific upshift backfires.
    • All cars - New transmission whine recordings for most cars, especially modern GT, prototypes and touring cars. The transmission volume ramp is also altered, it’s now louder while coasting and the pitch is in exact sync with the drivetrain.
    • All cars - New skid and locked brake tyre sounds that provide a more realistic sound during long slides. Also decreased tyre volumes for all modern GT cars.
    • All cars - Updates to behaviour of both the rev and pit limiters.
    • All cars - Modifications to forces involved in car to car collisions, to get rid of some collisions sometimes feeling like the other car is a solid brick.
    • Aquila - Adjusted tyre pressures in baseline setup, reduced brake power
    • Audi R18 - Fixed steering wheel not being exactly positioned on the steering column, which resulted in the cockpit camera placement being centered the wheel and therefore too far to the right.
    • Audi TT RS VLN - Longer default final drive for Zandvoort
    • CUPRA TCR - Fixed baseline setup that had an asymmetrical damper setting
    • DTM 14/15/16 - Fixed excessive suspension damage over curbs. Improved curb and bump behaviour with updated high speed dampers. Modified clutch and engine inertia values to stop them from bouncing off limiter upon downshifts. Differential updates to proper locks. Slight BOP adjustment of +5 Kg on the Mercedes.
    • Formula RaceRoom 2 - Updated baseline setup and tweaks to tyres for better handling. AI improvements.
    • Formula Raceroom 90 - Now offers three different tyre compounds, revised baseline setup and tyre model.
    • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - AI improvements
    • Group 4 - Porsche 934 RSR - AI improvements
    • Group C - Updated physics and tyre model, adjusted AI's to match. Adjusted Performance Index of the class to better reflect the actual speed of these cars.
    • GTR 1 - Improved AI pace spread
    • GTR 3 - McLaren 650s - Longer final drive
    • GTR 4 - Updated tyre model and baseline setup
    • Mercedes AMG CLK DTM 2003 - Adjusted cockpit camera position
    • Mercedes AMG DTM 1995 - Adjusted cockpit camera position
    • NSU TTS - Set undertray contact points that had been missing. Updated differential and drivetrain behaviour
    • P1 and P2 - Adjusted gearchange timings and drivetrain oscillations (shaft rigidity). Adjusted placement of cockpit camera.
    • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Sprint) - Updated tyre model and suspension. Further tweaks and improvements to physics. (this version of the GT3 Cup is not yet in store but used in Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia esports)
    • Porsche Clubsport Trophy by Manthey Racing - Updated tyre model and baseline setup
    • Silhouette Series - Now have factory ABS and preheated tyres. Fixed Canhard R52 that was showing some Push to Pass HUD elements.
    • Volkswagen ID.R - Updated physics according to the Nuerburgring lap record sessions telemetry. Equipped the car with DRS. Shortened the water pump startup sequence and made it sound more obvious that something is happening during car boot up sequence.
    • WTCC 2014/2016 - Fixed excessive suspension damage over curbs
    • WTCR 2018/2019 - Fixed excessive suspension damage over curbs, AI improvements
    • Bathurst - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    • Imola - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    • Ningbo - Improvements to framerate. The starting grid for the short layout is now the same as for the other layouts. Improved AI behaviour.
    • Nuerburgring - Improved AI behaviour at turn 1 of VLN / 24H.
    • Road America - Extended track limits a bit on the outside of the Canada Corner so you no longer get a cut with two wheels inside the white line.
    • Salzburgring - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    • Spa-Francorchamps - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed (Blanchimont)
    • Suzuka - Tweaks to AI’s understanding of what’s a good cornering speed
    Known issue
    • Ningbo main layout has a wrong cut detection in the left turn just before pitlane entry. The only way to record a laptime there right now is by keeping left after the apex. Other Ningbo layouts are not affected. We’re still investigating what’s up with this and will fix as soon™ as possible.
  11. mertalium

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Ayer hicieron unos pequeños apaños
    Update details:
    • Download size = 600 MB
    • Client version =
    • Client BuildID = 4909373
    • Reduced grip loss from having grass on your tyres.
    • Reduced grass bumpiness and rolling resistance properties.
    • Fixed an issue in championship game mode where AI could be seen not always leaving the pits during practice and qualifying sessions
    • Fixed the data display used in cars such as the Callaway C7 that would fail to show the tyre wear percentage under a certain level as the background turned into the same color as the lettering.
    • Further improvements to AI behaviour in banked corners
    • Simucube support – Reduced Stationary friction for Simucube 2 default profiles
    • Simucube support – Previously reported as a known issue, the bug where forces would continue to be applied even after pressing ESC is gone.
    • DTM 03, 05, 14, 15, 16 – Improvements to gearshift timers and drivetrain oscillations.
    • Group 4 & Procar – Updated default gear ratios for certain tracks
    • GT3 – Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) – Fixed low fuel warning on the data display that was wrongly showing a low battery state of charge. Fixed a wrong spelling of “Mannheim” on liveries #17 and #18.
    • GT4 – Tweaks to AI behaviour to reduce occurrences of AI’s losing control
    • WTCR – Fixed mirrored logos on Alfa Romeo’s driver gloves
    • WTCR – Improved visibility of the CUPRA brakelights
    • Hungaroring – Improved AI behaviour around certain corners.
    • Ningbo – Fixed the broken cut detection that was previously reported as a known issue.
    • Nordschleife – Improved AI behaviour around certain corners.
    • Scandinavia Raceway (Anderstorp) – Improved AI behaviour around certain corners.
    • Zhejiang – Fixed a waypoint for AI to make sure they behave correctly during a rolling start
  12. mertalium

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Nueva actualización
    Update details:

    Download size = 1.1 GB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 4989071
    Dedicated server version = 61.0.1120
    Dedicated server BuildID = 4989460


    • Controllers - Updated default FFB settings for Logitech G27
    • Controllers - Logitech wheels now have “sine” curb wave type and reduced minimum force value.
    • Controllers - Sim-Plicity: set all wave types to sine
    • Controllres - Thrustmaster: reduced minimum force value
    • Multiplayer - Server list now shows which of the three possible race sessions is currently running (R, R2, R3)
    • Fixed an issue with Fastest Lap notifications on the HUD that were not displaying properly
    • Fixed some Default Controller Profiles that were showing up as customized in the menu
    • Fixed player getting automatically DNF’d when they run out of fuel even though their vehicle is still moving. You can now crawl all the way to the finish line as long as your car moves.
    • Fixed a game crash that would occur when entering instant replay while using the pitstop menu

    Content updates:
    • BMW M1 Procar - Updated physics and tyre model
    • BMW M3 GT2 - Fixed weird noises heard on downshifts coming from opponent cars in multiplayer
    • DTM 92 - Improved gearbox behaviour, updated drivetrain oscillations to give less in lower gears and more in high gears
    • Group 4 - Updated physics and tyre model
    • Group C - Updated physics and tyre model
    • Mercedes DTM 1995 - Updated physics and tyre model
    • Mercedes DTM 2005 - Updated physics and tyre model
    • Porsche 911 Carrera (964) - Updated physics and tyre model
    • Porsche 911 RSR 2019 - Various art tweaks to liveries
    • Tatuus F4 - Fixed launch control for this car, updated its default gear ratios for each track
    • Touring Classics - Improved gearbox behaviour, updated drivetrain oscillations to give less in lower gears and more in high gears
    • AI - Formula RaceRoom US: general improvement to AI behaviour
    • Dubai - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Nordschleife - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Norisring - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Nuerburgring Sprint - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Oschersleben - Fixed an issue with invisible objects on the grass at the pit exit. Tweak to terrain textures.
    • Sachsenring - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Shanghai - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Sonoma - Tweaks to AI behaviour. Fixed the dried grass surrounding the track that has always been wrongly assigned the gravel properties. It’s now proper dry grass when you drive on it.
    • Spa-Francorchamps - Tweaks to AI behaviour
    • Suzuka - Fixed a possible cut detection during pitstops
    • Zhuhai - Tweaks to AI behaviour
  13. mertalium

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    13 de Diciembre de 2019
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    Ayer hicieron otra actu,y veo que han tocado algo de los Grupo5,tocara probarlos

    Update details:
    Download size = 544 MB
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 5052621
    Dedi version = 62.0.1123
    Dedi BuildID = 5052571


    • Fixed revlimiter issues introduced in a previous update

    Content updates:
    • All cars - Reduced differences between car classes with regards to damage and detachable parts falling off the car.
    • DTM 2013 - 2016 - Added default gear ratios for Daytona
    • DTM 92 car class - Updated default gear ratios
    • Formula RaceRoom 3 - Improved AI behaviour
    • Formula RaceRoom Junior - Improved default car setup
    • Group 5 car class - Updated physics (leaderboards have been wiped!)
    • GTO car class - Improved AI behaviour, added default gear ratios for Daytona, fixed an error with AI’s handling of the Audi 90 gear ratios. Updated drivetrain oscillation effects, differential behaviour and baulktorque values.
    • Hillclimb Icons - Updated default gear ratios
    • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Endurance spec version now received a wider range of spring settings, dampers and ride height adjustments
    • Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) - Fixed cockpit cameras that were off center
    • Porsche 962C - Retrieved dumpvalve sounds on gearshifts in cockpit cameras after popular request
    • Tatuus F4 - Fixed default final drive for Knutstorp that was way too long, improved AI behaviour
    • Touring Classics car class - Updated default gear ratios
    • Daytona Moto and Road Course - Limited AI tendency to sometimes hit the tyres in turn 1 of the first lap
    • Sepang North - Fixed a wrong cut track penalty triggered while entering pitlane